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Fox Chase Review, Winter 2015 

Briar Cliff Review 19th Annual Fiction contest. April 2015.

 “Lee Varon’s story is a beautifully lush and chilling evocation of hundreds of years of historical exploitation, brought to life in specific, poignant moments through the eyes of one of its victims”wrote fiction editors Phil Hey and Matthew Pangborn.  

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Article on filial therapy in  Adoptive Families Magazine.



bookcoversketches_6-5Single Adoptive Parents: Our Stories

By Lee Varon & Sherry Fine


Single Adoptive Parents: Our Stories is based on a study of singles who have adopted children before 1996. It presents true-life experiences of single adoptive parents – both the joys and the challenges. The topics address frequent concerns of prospective single adoptive parents, including: making the decision to adopt, finding time for oneself, parenting on a single income, juggling career and parenting, specials needs of single adoptive families, and creating a solid support network for ourselves and our children. The final chapter is a collection of commentaries by (now) adults adopted by single parents. The book includes a history of single parent adoption in the U.S. as well as resources for single adoptive parents.

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Sherry and Lee are experts in the area of single parent adoption. They have studied the issue intensely, listen to both adoptees and parents, and most importantly they have lived it. This an important book for all those impacted by single parent adoption.
–Betsy Burch, Founder and Former Director of S. P. A. C. E. (Single Parent Adoption of Children Everywhere)

Whether you are a single person who has adopted or is contemplating adoption, Single Adoptive Parents: Our Stories is a wonderful resource. Single parents, in their own words, discuss their decision to adopt, and share the joys and the challenges of parenting.
–Jane Mattes, LCSW. Director, Single Mothers by Choice

Single Adoptive Parents: Our Stories is compelling and insightful. It fills a niche and a need for the people whom the title describes (as well as anyone connected to them), to be sure, but I also recommend this important book to anyone who cares about family issues – or simply wants to better understand the changing world around them.
–Adam Pertman, Executive Director, Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute

Lee Varon and Sherry Fine have been helping the world of adoption for years with their books and video tapes about the joys and challenges of single parenthood in adoption. Most of the two parent families that we see have enough challenges and require a repertoire of skills in order to parent children who have suffered loss, trauma and neglect, but for a single parent the need for multitasking and a strong support network is even more of a requirement. Sherry and Lee are part of that support network, and I rarely see a single parent adoptive family that I don’t recommend their books and tapes to! This newest book is a another major resource.
–Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao, CEO and Founder, Center for Family Connections.

Adopting on Your Own 

By Lee Varon


Adopting on Your Own is a guide for decision-making. It addresses the questions and concerns of the growing number of prospective single parents. The book covers all stages of the adoption process, from deciding whether it’s right for you, to orchestrating the adoption itself, to raising an adopted child as a single parent. It offers information on the latest developments in adoption policy and the evolving attitudes of agencies and social workers toward single parent adoptions. 

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A thorough and hugely helpful book that enables the prospective adopter to think through her decisions and, step by step, become a parent. The distillation of years of work with single people thinking of adopting.
–Hope Marindin,  The National Council for Single Adoptive Parent, editor of The Handbook for Single Adoptive Parents

A candid, clear, and concise roadmap for journeys through the adoption process. Adopting on Your Own is enriched by diversity of experiences of both the author, herself, and many other single adoptive parents.
–Barbara Tremitiere, Ph.D., ACSW, LSW

Adopting on Your Own is a valuable resource and an overdue addition to current adoption literature. Lee has struck a thoughtful balance between outlining the practical aspects of issues that are unique to single adopting parents. The consistent focus on single parenthood and the thought-provoking exercises allow the readers to immerse themselves in the joys and challenges of single adoptive parenthood.
–Beverly F. Baccelli, Director, Southeastern Adoption Services

For all single people struggling with this important decision, reading Adopting on Your Own is like having a best friend who’s an adoption expert. The writing is down-to-earth, well-organized, and well-written.  This is not just a book for singles. Anyone looking for a good adoption book will find Adopting on Your Own a superb guide to the adoption process and to parenting.
–Merle Bombardieri, MSW, BCD, LICSW, founder Boston Single Mothers by Choice, former clinical director, national RESOLVE.